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Rug Care & Ethics


Most gaff rugs are robust enough to be vacuumed although care should be taken with longer pile rugs and vacuums with beater bars as these can fray the ends of the fibres. If in doubt please use your attachment tool.

It is usual for some ‘shedding to occur with a new rug if this is the case vacuum the rug vigorously until the shedding subsides. As a rule the more wool content the more shedding will occur.

Stain Removal

Always act quickly, do not allow a stain to dry out. Do not put salt or white wine on to a red wine stain!

With liquids………

  1. Blot as much as possible, get the stain as dry as you can using a clean tea towel or similar
  2. Put a warm weak soap liquid and water solution onto the stained area only and blot again. Repeat this until the stain is lifted out completely.
  3. If using a named stain removed always test a little area first. Some removal products can bleach colours
With solids…….
  1. Scrape as much of the solid or semi solid material off of the rug using a blunt implement.
  2. For Alcohol/grease/coffee /tea/ vomit and shoe polish: try a solution of 50/50 white wine vinegar and warm water and blot in the same way.
  3. For Egg/blood/chocolate/fruit/glue/grass/lipstick/gravy/milk use an ammonia solution, dissolve one teaspoon of household ammonia in a cup of water and follow instructions as before.
If all fails call our local rug cleaning expert Neil at Marticlean on 01903 753354

Child labour

The Goodweave label on the back of a rug means that children were not involved in making it.
The code on the label identifies the production site and you can be sure that conditions are checked and approved on a continuous basis.


The Goodweave label assures you that independent inspectors have randomly visited the looms or factory where the rug was made.

A percentage of the cost of Goodweave verified rugs goes to support Goodweave schools in India

Gaff rugs also carry other child labour free labels such as Kaleen, Step and Fair who are also striving to create fair work place practices.

For more information please go to www.goodweave.org.uk

Gaff does not use suppliers who we believe are not committed to fair workplace practices.